Friday 26th September 2014
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

What would be made out to be the defining book of the 20th Century, 1984, hit the Everyman Stage, as the production is currently touring, to bring us a show like no other, especially in having no internal, meaning 101 minutes, 1 hour 41 minutes, of eery minimal sets, strange characters, and personally your head trying to wrap ideas and themes around your head whilst the action is on a high speed train of adrenaline, roaring right the way through till the dramatic, tense, and in previous nights having the audience faint and feeling sick, overwhelming conclusion come to an almighty climax.

Not much should be let through in a review about plot, and what to exactly expect from this show, but you have to make sure you are prepared to enter the auditorium to witness your whole body go through every emotion, like a rollercoaster, and never stopping to have a passing thought.

But one thing is certain, the show I witnessed on the Saturday night of the production, had the most focused and dedicated that could be with a show that is never short to shock you. They had to cope with dramatic lighting changes, quick set changes, a heapful of technical movement pieces, especially nearing the end of the show, and must have the most controlled mind to realise that what they do on stage is just a performance, and actually be able to wind down before and after the show, to make sure they are not living the real life 1984, because in this day and age, Big Brother could most definitely be watching you.

1984 delivers on what every audience member would want the production to have, and should not be a second thought to outsiders wonder if they should see the show, because after seeing the show, it becomes clear how much we rely on technology, and would have the audience coming out from this experience wondering who is exactly watching us...


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