THEATRE REVIEW: I f*cked you in my Spaceship ★★★★

When Louis Emmitt-Stern brought their rather provactively named title 'i f*cked you in my Spaceship' to VAULT Festival earlier this year, audiences clambered for tickets, and the run was sold out almost as quick as the play was being marketed. As luck would have it then, audiences who missed it the first time round can now enjoy the hilarity and comfort of the show at The Soho Theatre in the heart of London, and of course, the show will also welcome returnees since its first outing, and judging by the writing and directing style, you can absolutely see why this may be the case.

Following two couples and their struggles to find something new and fulfilling in their relationships, Emmitt-Stern's dialogue has a truthfully to the situations, that I'm sure an audiences can relate to with similar viewpoints. Jonas Moore as Leo, and Max Hyner as Dan, draw some blinding moments of vulnerability where you really become attached to the effortlessly words that they've brought to life, almost like we are not watching a play in itself, and then there's Fanta Barrie as Anna, and Lucy Spreckley as Emily, who whilst it feels the dynamic could be stronger to give them an equal focus, have decent chemistry. It's Joseph Winer's direction in which should receive the most praise though in being able to keep these characters grounded to the piece.

The challenge really arises when you're inviting two extra characters to add spanners into our mirrored relationships; Jacob Bukasa gives a blistering performance as Robert, who enters Anna and Emily's life, with some really comedic moments that have us chucking away, which is credit to the writing and performance alike. Then you Felix Kal's performance as Al which, to begin with, delivers an approach with is wrapped in coyness, but as the play unravels, exudes confidence; watch out for small changes in accessories too, which just add flare to a character that is hellbent on causing some mischief.

Overall 'I f*cked you in my spaceship' certifys itself into the queer theatre scene with beautiful precision. If you missed out on the run like us at The Vault Festival, them we implore you to get on your own spacecraft and jet over to The Soho Theatre for this limited run.

I f*cked you in my spaceship runs until 8th July 2023. You can purchase your tickets here.