DIGITAL THEATRE REVIEW: The Secret Society of Leading Ladies (The Barn Theatre)

Where possibilities are (ever so nearly) endless, The Barn Theatre’s latest innovative project, and the first project under the helm of Ryan Carter, the theatre's new Creative Director of Digital Content, comes in the form of The Secret Society of Leading Ladies


In a mysteriously spooky, undisclosed location, the project brings together 14 extraordinary performers with incredible voices to sing numbers from shows such as Shrek, Mean Girls, Into The Woods, and Sister Act amongst many more, with up to 150 different combinations in a ‘you choose’ style, but further goes that extra mile by cleverly linking one performer to another through extra theatrical scenes that makes your journey feel slick and unique.


In my experience of the interactive pathway, Allie Daniel (Manchester’s RENT), Kelly Sweeney (HAIR UK Tour), Aisha Jawando (BOOK OF MORMON), Aoife Clesham (FIVER), and Natalie Kassanga (DEAR EVAN HANSEN) delighted with numbers that transformed themselves with such depth in physical and vocal form that we as an audience could be transported into the productions they were telling their tales from. With lighting that illuminated around to give an atmospheric feeling to the whole occasion, Jamie Scott-Smith’s videography was a polished, slick device carefully edited by Ben Evans.


Absolutely! With The Secret Society of Leading Ladies being my first introduction to The Barn Theatre’s online presence after recently taking over Creative Reviews UK (Hi by the way, I’m Hollie *waves*) I could not recommend this interactive experience enough, I mean where else could you get all your favourite musical theatre characters immortalized with voices from performers who can send shivers down your body, right from the comfort of your own home? I guess there is only one way to find out… 

The Secret Society of Leading Ladies is available to purchase from The Barn Theatre’s website, with the choice in buying a single show ticket (one unique experience) or a Multi Show Ticket. For more information, click here.


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