Giffords Circus - The Feast

Fennells Farm, Stroud

Friday 14th August - Sunday 11th October 2020

Replacing it’s original 20th Anniversary plans to stage The Hooley, Giffords Circus have instead opted this year to go for something a little bit different; though it’s no surprise to those who have visited regularly throughout Giffords entirety to visit and be engulfed with a three course meal before, or indeed after the annual performances held each year, the Giffords Team, originally curated by the now late Nell Gifford, have merged and rather creatively devised an intriguing concept entitled The Feast, a performance which combines the dining experience with a 90 minute performance, whetting the appetite (quite literally) for everyone who has, and continues to make their way to Fennells Farm this year.

Those who may have a weary take for the offerings on display this year needn’t worry; The Feast still has all the hilarity and magic that Gifford’s excels itself on, though Tweedy’s rather risqué toiletry profanity might be a little hit and miss for an early evening performance, just prior to us spectators tucking in to a rather succulent burger. The staple team are also back in the forms of Lil Rice and Michael Fletcher, who woo the audience with their multiple talents, from compering along to soulful music, or leaving us a little dizzy, yet amazed, by the Cyr Wheel. It is however Matt and Valentina, who have been roped in from Las Vegas for this year’s unique event, who really capture your eyes, as they perform their rather death-defying, breath-taking roller skating act that will most certainly leave your heart in your mouth.

As mentioned previously, no Gifford’s would be as quirky and unorthodox if it wasn’t without funny man himself, Tweedy the Clown. Watching as he dances around with Sandra (a blow up doll), is worth the money alone as he leaves us in stitches, whilst continuing to show this wide range of foolery alongside Fletcher in a classic ventriloquist act that again will have you with so much to divulge as it soon leads us into our main course in this unforgettable evening. Emmanuel Curatola, Tatyana Levkova, Guiseppe Curatola, and Tatyana Ozhiganova also feature in their foursome act to display their aerial talents involving a hoop, that have you looking up at the vast tent structure which continues to hold the most wonderful of treats that Giffords has to offer, and makes you realise just how lucky we are to get to venture back into the tent after what has been a rather difficult year for the company, who sadly lost their creator, Nell Gifford, due to ill health late last year, but is bravely remembered and celebrated, as Rebecca Musselwhite performs alongside Beam, a horse who has been with Giffords for the past 18 years, and will most certainly bring a lump in your throat as Nell’s legacy and strength lives on, and shall do, for many years to come.

Overall, The Feast has everything you can imagine on offer, from merriment to enchantment, and will most certainly delight for all ages who venture into the tent. The Hooley, Gifford’s original 20th Anniversary planned production, will of course see the light of day and be staged next year (Tickets on Sale Here), and we most certainly will be their to attend, as our dream of running away to the circus only continues to resonate when an extraordinary team like Giffords is at the helm.


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