CIRCUS REVIEW: Luzia ★★★★★

Cirque Du Soleil: Luzia
The Royal Albert Hall, London
Sunday 12th January - Sunday 1st March 2020

Founded in 1984 by performers Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix, Cirque Du Soleil have wows millions of visitors with their hair-raising and death defying stunts throughout the last 35 years, and Luzia has been my own personal introduction to their work, a production that first toured in 2016, and is just 1 of the 51 spectacles that the company has brought to fruition; Right from the moment the interval came during this performance was I certain that this wouldn't be the last time I would see a Soleil extravagance.

With each creation based as circus styles around the world, Luzia focuses primarily on the Mexican troupe, with a multicultural creative and cast that together bring sheet tenacity and focus to be able to produce a tight and visual masterpiece, but which also has a central storyline interwoven throughout. Here, Luzia presents the idea of Luz and Lluvia (Light and Rain in Spanish) and does so through waterfall and shower features suspended by the overhead rig which creates unimaginable designs of wildlife flowers and inhabitants, whilst light plays a huge part in setting the Mexican fiesta vibe and the use of technology.

With a cast of 44 performers from 15 countries, Luzia celebrates multicultural differences in a solid unit, with an incredible amount of trust in the process when backflipping from one seasaw to another whilst on a turntable comes to mind, and even to when our main protagonist is suspended from the rig in a skydiving act from the very top of the show. The energy and focus is clearly visible throughout, and whilst performinh ten shows a week is no mean feat, through puppetry, acrobatics and rapid scene transitioning, this company are constantly on top form to present the slickest show in town.

Eugenio Cabellaro set design is created in a way that really brings the vibrant city of Mexico right to the heart of London; originally performed in a Big Top, his design is for all spectators to see all the action no matter where they are sat, which is why the turntable proves so effective, with The Royal Albert Hall adding just that extra little bit of amazement. From hundreds of miles up in the air to the very ocean bed and everything in between, Cabellaro takes us on a journey through land and sea, where each setting lands effortlessly.

Overall, Luzia is a phenomenal, high intensified, heart pounding experience full of a vibrant colour palette and extraordinary performers with commitment and zest that you will you with adrenaline pumping through your veins and jaws to the floor.


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