COMEDY REVIEW: James Acaster ★★★★

James Acaster: Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999
UK Tour
May - December 2019

It's a fact, the more alcohol you drink the funnier the show, but with James Acaster and his latest stand up tour, you do not need to rely on the liquid form to have a good night out, as anyone who has seen Acaster in the TV medium, or as the genie waiter on the 'Off Menu' podcast with comedian partner Ed Gamble,  you'd have nothing to worry about when presented in the flesh on stage; though he initially comes out as a brash, foul-mouthed and some what 'developed' comedian, which is a little taken aback judging by the audiences reaction, he's soon back to the clumsy, calculated self with a routine surrounding his worst year of his life, though his 4 deal Netflix specials may sound like quite the contrary to the title, to which in no way during the show does he refer to the cold lasagne he once had in 1999.

Acaster owns the stage with complete awe and knows how to connect to his audience, in this instance thanks to a man in the front row wearing a certain paisley t-shirt, which loosely refers back to a quote in which Acaster once made that went viral. He allows the audience time to lap up his perfectly comically timed gags whilst not being afraid to shoot a heckle or two down with his wit and occasional charm. For those who saw James' stint on the ever growing popular The Great British Bake Off, you are in for a treat as he delves into his rather misfortune evening before his disastrous and now meme famous venture.

It's a moment in which he truly juggles the more meaningful and serious circumstances with former sets of pure joy and tongue in cheek comedy regarding his exes current relationship; I mean who could say that they were left for Mr Bean? Acaster feels in his most certain realm during these sections, as pours his heart out all in aid for comedy, and judging from this two hour slick and polished gig full of raucous laughter, James Acaster is still as fresh and relevent with a keen eye and ear to homing in on what makes his audience engaged. Though not always sharp, with some moments falling short and stale, his longer chapters that are filled with familiar anecdotes land with ease.

You can find more information from the tour and booking information via James' website here.


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