THEATRE REVIEW: Waiting for Godot ★★★

Waiting For Godot
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Thursday 7th - Saturday 16th February 2019

Hailed as 'The Most Significant Play of the 20th Century', Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot tells the story of Estragon (Alan Tweedy Digweed) and Vladimir (Jeremy Stockwell), two men who are contemplating taking their lives but have been instructed to wait for Godot, a person who they've never met before and during the course of the production we do not meet, but are welcomed to three more arrivals in the form of Dominant and Arrogant  Pozzo (Mark Roper) and his silent slave Lucky (Murray Andrews).

Unfortunately this production directed by Paul Milton brings little more to this already diverse production which leaves little detail to time frame, though cleverly the set transforms in a way that will guarantee a decent audible laugh from the audience each time. Jeremy Stockwell shines as Vladimir, especially when bouncing off Alan Digweed's Estragon, though the real highlight of this productions comes in the form of Murray Andrews Lucky, who is compelling in the role simply carrying a suitcase, though when he surprises us to a monologue in which he randomly gives phrases to, it earns a rapturous applause and rightly so. 

Michael Hall's Lighting Design seems simplistic but effective when mixed with Steve Anderson's Sound Design, which when the action turns to dusk, the effect gives a reaction to us as the audience in which quite possibly is the most interesting part of the whole production. Dawn Allsopp's Set design again gives little to look at but the tree's existence in the centre of the stage is multi-useful and will probably become the lasting image in the audience's mind.

Overall, Paul Milton's take on Beckett's play which questions many theories but concludes with no revelations, is thinly helped together thanks to chemistry between our two main protagonists and Pozzo, play wonderfully by Murray Andrews, bringing little to the direction where everything becomes static and less interesting. 


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