THEATRE Review: The Great Gatsby ★★★★

The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's Drugstore, London
Sunday 18th November

It's 1922, and searching for the perfect American Dream, Nick Carraway is the charismatic gentleman at the centrepiece of this immersive experience based on the book and film as the same name, The Great Gatsby. Polished and refined in every detail, it was a truly incredible experience which sent us all back in time and makes me want to rush back and throw myself into the glitz and glam of the roaring 1920s.

Situated in what felt like a jumbo sized warehouse decked out to every detail to transport you to the appropriate era, from the actors around you right to the majority of the audience, the outfits where stunning and to pull of such an experience as this, which is performed only four times a week, is such a huge feet and is an incredible accomplishment when describing the plethora of talent that wowed us all on stage.

What's incredibly special about the experience you're given is that there are so many strands to the story that you can go back multiple times to this production and stand in different places each time, ultimately truly getting a unique experience as you are ushered into different segments of the characters lives, before being chucked back into the ensemble pieces which took place in this beautiful setting where there was bar, available at the interval, as well as song and dance, whilst the actors themselves gave time to interact with you in the interval is well!

My favourite moment of this production was a unique point in walkway where our protagonist Nick Carraway bumped into his cousin Daisy, and using the bodies of the audience to step forward and have a starring moment and exchange, tried to impress with a moment of golf. Just a little taste of what you could be getting up to if you dare enter the Drugstore.

Overall, the skilfulness and effort to run a production such as this is truly a mean feat, to link everything all together and such a specific pace and timing, is incredibly huge and endearingly successful that I must tip my hat off to everyone involved in this masterpiece, one that I will not be forgetting in a hurry!


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