MUSICAL REVIEW: Bat Out Of Hell ★★★★

Bat Out of Hell
Dominion Theatre, London
19th April 2018 - 5th September 2018

Set in the post-apocalyptic world of Obsidian, Bat out of Hell is based on the same name of Jim Steinman’s album with Meat Loaf. Within this world we meet Strat (Jordan Luke Cage), an eighteen-year old boy who never seems to grow up, and falls in love with Raven (Christina Bennington), the daughter of Falco (Rob Fowler), and Sloane (Sharon Sexton), whilst the music intertwines with the character strands, from Dead Ringer of Love, Who Needs the Young, and Wasted Young, right through to Bat Out of Hell, and I’d do anything for Love (But I won’t do that).

Jordan Luke Cage, who portrays Strat, a role originated by Award-Winner Andrew Polec who is currently continuing the role in America, bounds on stage with an ooze of charisma to the character as he grapples with our attention, where the chemistry he drives with Christina Bennington, who has beautifully moulded the character as Raven into her own, is stunning to watch on stage. Sharon Sexton though gave for me what I took as the most slickest performance on stage as Raven’s mum Sloane, due to the strength and character she gave to every single performance.

Jay Scheib’s Direction and Emma Portner’s Choreographer must be commended especially in this production, where the storytelling wears thin in what at times felt like shoe-horned scenes just to create a way in for some of the songs featured in the show. The ambitious ensemble pieces exceed any expectations when presented in Jon Bausor’s apocalyptic styled set design, with additional Video Design giving us a personal insight into Raven’s Bedroom, as well as the unique and distinctive look to all the music videos which are live filmed, all thanks to the vision from Finn Ross. If only the camera-crew who follow the actors were more dressed in the style of the production, would it make these story arc videos more atmospheric.

Overall, though thin on the ground due to it’s story, just like a bat you’ll be flying high by the end of the production which is a showcase of electricity within chemistry between the main characters on stage, as well as the huge set pieces and video design which makes the whole evening’s experience just that little bit more spectacular.


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