EDINBURGH FRINGE 2017: Bare Skin on Briny Waters ★★★

Bare Skin on Briny Waters
Pleasance Courtyard
Monday 28th August 2017

Two seemingly unrelated stories, and they are, but something that connects them both; a train journey. Bare Skin on Briny Waters is a tale about two girls, Annie and Sophie, sat side by side in present time on a clifftop, but in real life at The Edinburgh Fringe, Bellow Theatre presents this newly-written production from Hull with two actresses and a musician present on a bench, whilst a circular smashed mirror is situated on the floor.

The tale is one that I have seen more frequently recently in the fact that you believe the story is going one way until something changes, which I won’t be giving away in this review, but it’s one that makes you change opinion and overanalyse everything you’ve been told for the past 55 minutes. It’s a really clever move and one that really has impact due to the fantastic acting from the two main performers in the production, Charlie Sellers (Annie) and Maureen Lennon (Sophie). Maureen in particular really pulls on the heartstrings are really, raw emotion is given through tears streaming down her face as the latter portion of the production is unravelled.

Tabitha Mortiboy should also be given credit in this production for the music that she provides in this piece. Though not always looking like she wants to be there with her disinterested expression she carries throughout the whole performance, whether directed like that or otherwise, you cannot fault the talent that she expresses through her talents on guitar.  

Overall, Bare Skin on Briny Waters is a decent story which in any other company would probably drag as the segments of the are drawn out, but due to the talents from Bellow Company involved carrying through the writing, this production feels just bearable to watch and maybe even for a second viewing.


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