THEATRE REVIEW: Around the World in 80 Days ★★★

Around the World in 80 Days
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Friday 21st July 2017
Laura Eason’s stage adaption of the 1873 adventurous tale from Jules Verne’s returns for a 2017 tour across the UK and is a must see production following Phileas Fogg and Passepartout’s journey as they try to travel around the world in 80 days, through the means of train, boat, and even an elephant.
The initial thought that lingered in my head straight after was how reminisce the concept was to The 39 Steps, which is a huge compliment to receive due the sheer excitement I had watching both productions; 80 Days sees 8 actors play 125 different characters which sheer ease that each characteristic felt entirely unique for the last, and that's such a huge testament to the whole cast involved with the ability to capture the talent which they gave out on stage.
The set was bright and beautiful, with the centrepiece of the stage consisting a staircase made out of suitcases, very symbolic given the storyline, but furthermore every continent that Fogg and Passpartout felt like we were transported with them thanks to the incredible lighting design by Alexandra Stafford.
A particular highlight for me was shortly before the interval, where comedy timing made the whole auditorium hut the roof with laughter as Passpartout must navigate his way using his body led down with the help of the audience, or April Sarson, the Company Stage Manager, who ran on stage in this particular performance. Though I won't give too much away, I truly believe this will be a theatrical moment that I will relive in my mind when I think about how to work an audience through comedy, but also Tweddy the Clown must watch out as Michael Hugo, who portrayed Passpartout, could well give Tweedy a run for his money in the future if The Everyman Theatre are looking for a replacement in their annual pantomime.
Overall, Around The World in 80 Days is a laugh-a-minute production which is a family fun feel good adventure of those at any age. The tour continues right the way through the year, finishing Jan 2018, and you can find all the details about the tour HERE.


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