MUSICAL REVIEW: The Addams Family ★★★

The Addams Family
The Birmingham Hippodrome
Tuesday 6th June 2017

Though this ghoulish American family have had many adaptations, from film to TV, this Broadway musical, which is currently touring the UK for the very first time, is based upon the cartoon depicted versions that were originally created by Charles Addams. This musical, which is a real heartwarming, fuzzy feeling tale of one of the most famous families to ever be presented, is packed with so much laughter and warmth that the 2 ½ hours almost fly by, and leaves you wanting me.

Visually the show looks incredible, with beautiful lighting and costumes to really give the mood and feel that we know and love, with it all thrown together perfectly on stage. Though at times the followspots may let down hitting the actors on stage in position, the overall look is a wonder to look at, especially when some parts of the storyline may drag, which can be forgiven as this is very much a production about family, where each familymfamily gets their thread intertwine, which overall does payoff, though going any further would spoil the ending.

The performances on stage were electrifying and the chemistry on stage was apparent; for anyone who follows Carrie Hope Fletcher (Wednesday) on social media, the chemistry that herself and Oliver Ormson (Lucas) share is a particular highlight, and even Samantha Womack, most widely recognised as portraying Ronnie Mitchell in EastEnders, gives a very convincing take on Morticia Addams. The rest of the cast give equally as much passion and commitment, especially Cameron Blackley (Gomez) and Les Dennis (Uncle Fester), who are both just hilarious the whole way through, but it really is the ensemble who for me stole the whole show with their wacky and spine-tingling takes on their ghouly characters.

Storywise, the whole plot is very easy to follow, as is a nice followup on these characters in a tale that seems fresh and exciting, so much that as the first act reaches it's climax, you actually don't really know at all which direction the remainder of the production will take, which leaves you excited for more. The music is also a delight and makes you want to sing along the whole way through, with catchy choruses and toe-tapping beats, even if once the production is over, the tunes also slip away from your memory!

Overall, The Addams Family is the perfect feel good family musical that I'd personally recommend to all looking for a brilliant night at the theatre, even if it's not truly groundbreaking!


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