THEATRE REVIEW: Scattered ★★★★

Warwick Arts Centre
Wednesday 5th October 2016

Back in February 2016, I visited Warwick Arts Centre to watch my first production of Motionhouse, which was Broken. I remember after watching the show that I would become an avid supporter of the company due to its innovative and pure brilliance of their productions, so when I found out about Scattered, which mixes digital technology and dance sequences to portray the relationship that we have with water, I jumped at the chance to book myself a ticket and see how this production would fare with Broken.

I thoroughly enjoyed this production due to its relentless action from start to finish, and how it showed the performers abilities to their full potential, like the moments in the production where they would be walking over each other, for example the feet, during a waterfall sequence, or when they climbing onto each others shoulders during the same sequence to represent the water flowing down. It was moments like these that made me realise how innovative and inventive Motionhouse are with their productions, and probably is the reason why they are so successful and have a massive following, because you never know what is coming next.

The acrobatics during the production was also incredible, especially a moment when a male performer did a cartwheel on top of the platform above the back sliding wall, and then dropped down against the wall and slid to the performance matt - it takes a lot of courage and mentality to do movements like these, and that what makes all the performers so in their element and brilliant at what they do! I really enjoyed how they represented and interacted with different types of water in their element, for example icebergs with household items situated on, like two deckchairs, to which at this section the two performers physically rested and positioned themselves against the back wall above ground, like they were actually sat on the chairs.

Overall, I really enjoyed this production of Scattered from Motionhouse, because I feel like it really took everything associated with water and created so many different ways of expressing these whilst also showing the performers abilities to a point which made the audience realise why we would certainly be coming back for more to watch what they produce next!


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