THEATRE REVIEW: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery ★★★★★

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery
The Criterion Theatre, London
Saturday 2nd March 2016

Following on from their phenomenal success with Play and Peter Pan ‘Goes Wrong’, Mischief Theatre have returned once again to make your jaw and belly ache from all the laughter you will most definitely feel when watching ‘The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, which unlike their previous outings, this production is very much just a comedic, farce take on your average diamond heist, but when mistaken identity and fraud ensues, you can tell that laughter is not far behind when Mischief Theatre are in town.

Right from the very beginning, this production is packed with laughter, making the audience feel completely at ease, especially when two of the prison convicts try to escape what they think is the outside of the prison, but is in fact the main chiefs office, which ends in them falling out of the high story window. The use of pauses and perfectly timed dialogue makes scenes like these become so slick.

A real highlight of the show for me was in the second act with the clever use of a birds eyed view of a particular scene - I will not go into too much detail as I do not want to spoil the specifics of this sequence, but the way that they creatively produced that scene really proved that this time Mischief Theatre had gone one step further than there previous productions to create more bold moments with brilliant whole rounded characters, and with times where there were death defying but controlled stunts, it makes this production the hottest ticket in London right now!

Another thing that makes this production have the winning formula is the complete concentration from the cast, who have to battle so many stunts and pieces of dialogue which only genius actors like those on this stage could do that just ultimately shows the dedication from all the cast involved, the majority being actors who have been with the company since the founding days.

Overall, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is the hottest ticket in London right now, as Mischief Theatre have scored a fantastic hat-trick of productions that makes them one of my favourite Theatre Companies out there currently, so I urge anyone who can, no matter what age you are to go and watch any of their productions right away,as you will not want to miss out!


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