The Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon
Tuesday 13th October 2015

Considering I have been to Stratford many times to see productions, though not at the RSC, and even had a backstage tour of the RSC during my college degree, I've never actually seen a production take place on the Swan Theatre stage, so it's really brilliant to say that my first experience fulfilling this was a fantastic introduction to the sort of productions that take place in the building, because Hecuba was incredibly gripping and intense from start to finish, constantly drawing myself and the whole auditorium in so much that you could almost hear a pin drop if possible!

Derbhle Crotty started proceedings with a powerful start as she drew the audience in as the title character Hecuba, and never lost momentum throughout her whole performance. She was utterly transfixing and the way she spoke the words of the play was fluid and completely mesmerising. Her dynamic with Ray Fearon's 'Agamemnon' was also one of the most compelling delights of the night, with them both still showing so much energy to their roles even after so many Performances they would have done already in the run.

The whole cast were exceptional, and also this production proved that you don't need massive sets to take the audience on a journey with you, as instead just a simple chair and mirrored structure at the back can do just as much as such large scale productions can.

Overall, Hecuba was an incredible piece of Theatre and a perfect introduction personally to myself and the sorts of productions the RSC produces in Stratford!


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