The National Theatre, London
October 2nd 2015

Set in a real part of Manchester, where a tram line runs through and is only minutes from foot, one of the national theatre's latest production, Pomona, is a fast paced, gritty and supernatural feel that grips you completely throughout and never lets go.

Based in the temporary theatre, The Shed, the production was set in the round, and its main thread surrounds Ollie, a girl who has lost her sister, and hears about the spooky goings on in Pomona, so goes to investigate in the search for her sibling.

Right at this point I should say that it's been awhile since I've seen a production with such a strong cast with incredible talents. Sam Swann and Sarah Middleton are especially jaw dropping in their roles of Charlie and Keaton, whilst Sean Rigby and Rebecca Humphries are exceptional in their roles of Moe and Fay.

What's also incredible about this production is the current costume and prosthetics, mainly with the mask that Sarah wears, mainly because there is so much attention to detail you really look at it in awre and can't take your eyes of it, whilst Rochenda Sandall looks completely in her element within the character of Gale, who somewhat holds everything together, and looks stunning with the costume and hair department.

The only trouble I had with this production was that after so much tension right the way throughout, I found that even though the last scene made complete sense to the whole vision of events, out lacked that energy that was held throughout, and felt myself deflated due to this, though this should not put anyone off as I believe Pomona was an exceptional piece of edgy new theatre that I would highly recommend to anyone!


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