THEATRE REVIEW: The Ghost Train ★★★

The Ghost Train
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Wednesday 13th May, 2015

Before watching this production, I was already familiar with The Ghost Train as I watched the production as part of an A Level performance a few years back, but that didn't stop me from forgetting certain parts of the story, as I seemed to keep jumping at this chilling ghost story presented hauntingly by Talking Scarlet Productions.

Being introduced to the four main characters; Richard, Elsie, Charles, Peggy, Miss Bourne,and Teddie, all stranded in a train station waiting room after Teddie's hat was thrown onto the tracks, the dialogue of writing, and the way that this is expressed by the actors, really makes these characters believable within the first few minutes, as each character Is quickly established within the scene; we have Richard and Elsie, a couple who have been married a year but are both on a rocky patch in their relationship, and on the other side you have Charles and Peggy, who have just been married very recent and were on there way to their honeymoon.

Out off all the characters, I was very much drawn mostly to Richard and Elsie and their development throughout the story, as you could really see how much Richard loves Elsie and would always protect her. As the tension started to rise in the show, I was even make more drawn to the action, and the conclusion of the production was extremely clever and not one that I would have seen coming.
Overall, The Ghost Train was a brilliantly spooky ghost tale portrayed fantastically on stage all thanks to a tight talent cast and brilliant direction, which drew all the audience in from start to finish.


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