THEATRE REVIEW: The Mist In The Mirror ★★★

The Mist in the Mirror
The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Tuesday 15th April 2015

The Mist in the Mirror, wrote by the same author who brought us the chilling The Woman In Black, Susan Hill, is currently touring with this spine tingling production which visually is clever and stunning, with perfect projection timing that makes you really believe in the story that extra bit more.

The scenes that stick out with this is the first meeting of James and Viola on the train, as the projection of the other carriages, as well as the train station and snow, really brings all that imagination within your head actually become a reality on stage, which is very rare to see with so many productions that go with the naturalistic theme.

Another scene, which I would also say was my highlight of the production, was that of when James ventured out of his room to look around the dark house and comes across some gravestones, mainly because of the perfect timing between the actor himself and the technical team for making it look as that the candlelight was actually revealing these tombstones.

The actors themselves were believable, especially with Martin Reeve, who multi-roled many of the performance within the production. The thing that does bug me though is that you can't help but compare to its famous, ground breaking predecessor, The Woman In Black, because there is so many techniques and scares that almost seem similar, which is not a bad thing, as I would say that I much preferred this plot and production, but did feel very bemused by the anticlimactic ending to this piece of theatre, because I personally felt there was too much reliance on the effects on stage.

Overall, The Mist in The Mirror will most certainly make you jump, or leave you on the edge of your seat, as you witness this chilling production.


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