MUSICAL REVIEW: Spamalot ★★★

Monty Python’s Spamalot
New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
2nd February 2015

Having only been introduced properly to the world of Monty Python last year, I thought that going to watch their latest production on stage, Spamalot, based loosely on The Holy Grail, would hopefully widen my knowledge even more, though I had not seen The Holy Grail beforehand. So I was thoroughly pleased when what I witnessed was a lively, colourful, and Jam Packed with laughs, production.

Every scene had some really memorable moments, with some fantastic songs which stuck in my head even after the performance, such as He is not Dead Yet, The Song that Goes like This, Camelot, and Find Your Grail. I found the characters to be really over the top and energetic, especially from Lady of The Lake and Sir Dennis, with their duet on ‘The Song that Goes Like This’, which was possibly my favourite song from the production.

I must say though, even though there was a strong cast, I found that Joe Pasquale’s portrayal of King Arthur to have handled the comical elements of the show perfectly well, but it was his singing ability which I believe let him down, but nether the less, he really worked off the audience, and you can tell that all the actors on stage were having a real laugh doing the production with each other, as they each bounced off each other.

The story itself was enjoyable, easy to understand, and flowed really fluently throughout. The set and costume was also a big reason why I believe the show worked so well, because it was extremely detailed in places, and the costumes really matched the scenery and stood out to the audience. It was also a surprise to see Eric Idle make a cameo in the production, which would have been a great treat for fans all over.

The closing of the show was just as memorable as any other aspect of the show, with audience participation when finding the grail, to only realise that it was under an audience members seat, had them then being brought on stage, just to stand there whilst the company performed a song around the member of the audience.

Overall then, Spamalot was exactly what you would hope for if you were out for an evening’s entertainment, and had me really enjoying every aspect and minute of this wondrous production, even when not knowing as much as probably the fair majority of the audience about Monty Python themselves, which just goes to show that Spamalot is a show for all ages, fan or first timer.


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