RSC Live: Love's Labours Lost ★★★★

RSC Live: Love's Labours Lost
Wednesday 11th February

Screened Live from the RSC in Stratford Upon Avon, one William Shakespeare's more lesser known plays, Love's Labours Lost, is brought to life in this stunning production, with both thanks to a talented cast with Wit and Humour, but also a stunningly detailed set, by the sublime Simon Higlett. Set Just before the first world war, in a country house, this production was bold and bright throughout. With a mechanical truck, where rooms of the house were situated, leaving an outdoor space when pushed back, and a rooftop coming up from above the ground, this production also proved to be one of the slickest pieces of theatre I have seen.

The music and vocals of performances also throughout was a sheer delight and treat, especially with the conclusion of the production, which was so heartfelt and emotional, you could hear a pin drop, as the audience in the cinema screen, and the audience that you could see on screen, were gripped to the performance in those crucial moments, especially after such a comedic scene just beforehand, and I think it worked so incredibly well solely because it was so unexpected.

I must say also that another reason why I loved this production so much, was because it was one of many few of Shakespeare’s play that you could literally just sit back and relax, letting all the action unfold in front of you, and not having to constantly work the brain to understand the plot and characters. The plot is so easy to understand, there are no confusing plot points, or characters that are there just for the background. Costard, portrayed by Nick Haverson, particularly stole the stage whenever he was present, mainly due to all the comic timing, which constantly had the audience in stitches.

Overall, Love’s Labours Lost was a Spectacular, Rich, and Bright production, with a perfect balance of drama and comedy, and some of Shakespeare’s most beautiful writing creations, produced wonderfully on stage by the RSC, which has made me even more excited to watch Love’s Labours Won, otherwise known as Much Ado About Nothing, as it comes to the cinema screens next month, March 4th.


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