BALLET REVIEW: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ★★★

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Royal English Ballet
16th December 2014

Lewis Carroll's fairytale story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was brought to the stage by the Royal English Ballet.

This was the first time that I had decided to go actively to the cinema to watch a screening of Ballet, and my main reason was because, even though before when I watched Ballet in person, I never really connected with the story, but having been familiar with Lewis Carroll's enchanting story following the life of Alice, as she is transported to another world, I knew I was going to enjoy this production, but not as much as I expected leaving the cinema later that evening.

I say this because the production was memorising to watch on screen. I am not an expert on dance, but I thought every single one of the cast and ensemble really shone throughout. It goes goes to prove that actions and movement are equally, if not more, effective than actual words being portrayed through on stage.

Even though the dancing was superb, the main thing that drew me in to this wonderful adventure, was the bright, colourful, and creative set and animal pieces. The Cheshire Cat Sequence was a particular memorable section of the show, having the ensemble move each individual part of the feline, whilst Alice interacted with the creature. Another moment that really stood out for me was Alice falling down the rabbit hole and the beginning scene in Act Three, with the Queen of Hearts and Servants, really dealing with the balance of humour in such a light hearted part of the show, and this was also a moment to show perfect characterisation of all the stages on and throughout the whole spectacle.

Overall, there are many other aspects of the show which I would talk about, but I would only be praising what was a fantastic production all round, from cast and creative, and I think that if I had the chance to get a ticket to see this magical production live, I would certainly be jumping at the chance to join Alice and venture down that Rabbit Hole with her Over and Over Again.


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