Strike a Light: The Incredible Book Eating Boy ★★★★

The Incredible Book Eating Book
Strike a Light 2015

Sat in a small box suitable for Two, and in a performance lasting only 5 minutes, you are brought on the journey of The Incredible Book Eating Boy, a book famous by Oliver Jeffers, through the techniques of projections, puppetry, masks, models, lights, narration and speakers.

The production is by Bootworks Theatre, the story is targeted to 4 - 7 year olds, and to convey all these techniques in a 5 minute performance, as slick as possible, the box that you are placed in had 3 windows, operated by slits on the outside, which allowed the audience to see the progression of the show.

It was a really unique way of putting on a production, and one that I had not seen used before, but really gives more ideas of how you could use this sort of staging for future productions, and being in such a small space really made you feel part of the boys journey, like he was acting everything out specifically for your eyes only.

Having toured at Glastonbury and Latitude Festival, among many others from around the UK, the show is coming to the end of its run now, with two remaining dates at Jabberwocky Market, Darlington, on October 5th, and Doorstep Art, Torquay, on 12th October. To check out the dates and the production company themselves, be sure to check out


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