THEATRE REVIEW: Under Milk Wood ★★★★

Under Milk Wood
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Friday 27th June, 2014

Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood is a play set in Llaregubb, a fictional town in Wales, over a duration of 24 hours, visiting the lives of the residents who live there. The Clwyd Theatr Cymru have been touring since January 2014 and brought with them a brilliantly told story, with a cast so expertly casted into their various character roles that they play throughout the production.

Dylan Thomas's Poem is told through two voices, these being Teales and Patterson's, whilst the ensemble of actors, performing as various characters, create these scenarios from the poem between. The cast not only act on stage and are present throughout all the whole show, but they also provide sounds for all the actions on stage, and also sing at certain points of the performance, thats accompanied with some wonderful voices from the cast.

The set is one of the most intriguing I have seen in a long while, with a Birdseye view of Fern Hill on the back wall, and a set on the ground which expands through to the first two rows of the seats, where all the actors in the plays are situated. The balance of emotions were perfectly suited, and linked onto the set, seeing the sun rotate, giving the audience an indication of what time of day it was, as a clever and inventive decision.

Overall, Under Milk Wood is a brilliant story told through this welsh company full of fantastic actors and singers, and any fan of this radio and book creation should definitely take a trip to see this particular play adaption.


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