THEATRE REVIEW: Peppa Pig's Big Splash ★★★

Peppa Pig's Big Splash
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

Peppa Pig is famously known as being one of the most successful children's shows out there today, and Limelight have now brought their own production to the stage based on the extremely popular pig, and in this production following Peppa and her friends raise money for her, and her friends, playgroup roof as it has a leak in.

We are also introduced to our human friend Daisy, who join Peppa and her friends as a carer for them at the playgroup. The whole energy from the whole cast really shines at, especially after realizing that they are on a 16 month tour of the production, coming to an end next January.

The songs in the show are instantly catchy and memorable, with the children in the audience joining in on the fun and dancing in the audience, with even some children crying when Daisy, Peppa, and her friends said goodbye at the end of the show.

The plot is very simple and fun for children to engage, as Peppa and friends set up a fate to raise money for the roof at their playgroup. Regulars of the show, like Daddy pig, pops up and plays a big part in the plot, especially in the second act with the Puddle Jumping Competition.

Overall, without going too much into the plot, Peppa Pigs Big Splash is a family fun show that will delight kids whilst watching one of their daytime favourites on stage.


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