THEATRE REVIEW: Birmingham Royal Ballet ★★★

Birmingham Royal Ballet
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

The Birmingham Royal Ballet are currently in their spring tour around the UK, and I attended their show in Cheltenham in May. The whole production had three shows; Les Rendezvous, Kin & Elite Syncopations, with two intervals in between to change scenery around for each performance. Sadly I was not able to watch the first performance, Les Rendezvous,  but was able to watch the other two.

Kin was a fantastic performance which had all the company slick with their movements, and I was really focused and transfixed on their performance, because even though there was no dialogue, I felt like I understood the whole story and movements. Elite Syncopations, the third performance, involved the whole cast in silly costumes, mainly made up of morph suit typed custom made artwork, and had a variety of entertaining characters and Dances.

The orchestra moved from their pit onto the stage at the back on view, which was nice to see as it meant it was raw music, and the whole performance had the audience laughing and clapping. Between the two that I watched, I would have to say that I preferred Kin, just because it was very dramatic and gripping, more my type of genre, and even though I watched the same sequences three times, I was never bored and always fascinated and excited by their dances and sequences.

Overall, a great night out to the theatre and a great first experience of watching Ballet, a type of theatre I would not of thought to have watched before.


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