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The 39 Steps
Everyman Theatre

Like my review of Singin' in the rain, I have spoken about my dislike of classic plays set pre-war, and how I can never follow a play in that way, but for me The 39 Clues did not feel like an old play, because the plot felt very modern, apart from a landline phone which provided a laughter at the lateness of the ringing.

The show is like my perfect genre, thriller. 

I love the mystery in the play and the clever change of scenery and minimalistic set that they use is perfect, which is easy for them when they tour the country. 

A big reason why I just love the show is the cast of '4'. Their energy is kept constant throughout and the change of multiple characters is brilliant, especially in the train station scene with the policeman and newspaper seller. Their gestures for each character and articulation pronounced is clever and really defines each character. 

Afterwards I went to stage door to meet the whole cast who were really lovely and kind enough to sign my programme. I found out that the show took only 4 weeks to rehearse, which is incredible with such a small cast and the amount of lines each actor has to learn for each character.

Overall, a real great night out full of laughter and I will definitely go again the next time it tours.


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