THEATRE REVIEW: The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black

Everyman Theatre

The show was unbelievable. I went into the theatre hoping to be on the edge of my seat and even into the first 10 minutes of the play, I already was.

The Woman in Black is held together with only two actors, and they make the whole thing that little bit better, they brought so much emotion to the script, especially with Julian Forsyth, who brought so much realism and humor to the role of Arthur Kipps and the various roles which he played throughout the play, having the audience in laughter within the first minute of the play. Antony Eden brought also brought so much humor and emotion to the role of The Actor and Arthur Kipps.

Both the actor’s had so much chemistry on stage which was a joy to watch, and which I felt quite relaxing. With very few props, the staging really made the whole play more realistic, with a basket acting as a table, a carriage and a basket itself. The material over the bedroom antics were a perfect setting for a graveyard, and the stairwell just brought the whole house to life. The Woman herself brought the scares to the maximum, with me jumping at certain points in the play and dreading the next time she was to show up.

Overall the show was amazing, and I will definitely see it again the next time it tours.


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