MUSICAL REVIEW: Singin' In The Rain

Singin' In The Rain
Palace Theatre, London
January 2013

Whenever I got to watch a theatre performance that is set in the past, in this case the 1920's, I always leave feeling really confused by the storyline because there is usually so much going on, but with Singin' In The Rain, it was such a simple story which kept me entertained throughout and was a really joy. 

The cast were so slick and brilliant, there dancing was a joy to watch and I was laughing right the way throughout. The lights were what I think just made the show, as well as the chemistry between the character's, because they were so slick, with every beat a light would just shine down, and the unison was just fantastic, you could clearly tell they thought long and hard about the colours they would use and I really appreciated that. 

The set was brilliant, having the studio doors as the main background, whilst also having a park scene with minimal set, just using two benches and a street lamp, as well as a office room, with a circular desk with phones dotted around. The best set used was the front/backstage of the theatre near the end of the show, because it was really clever how they used the lighting, as when they were backstage they would use just basic lighting, but then once through the curtains at the back, a microphone would appear and the curtains had a red light beamed on, as they used us as the audience and at some points canned laughter just to make the production that little bit better.  The new York accents were amazing and clear and kept throughout, which everyone just making their performance really professional and slick, and that is exactly what the show was, slick. 

Now lastly for the big scene, the rain. It happened twice in the show, the first was the final scene in act one with just the main character and a police officer near the end, and second at the very end once everyone took their bows. It was jaw dropping, because it's unlike anything I have seen before in theatre and you could tell that everyone involved loved the routine the instant they walked on stage, and you could also see they loved getting the audience wet at every chance they could. 

Overall, a must see show for anyone who likes the Gene Kelly movie or is a theatre fanatic.


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