MUSICAL REVIEW: Save The Last Dance For Me

Save The Last Dance For Me

Everyman Theatre

I went to go and see this show on its opening night in Cheltenham after winning two tickets from a competition on social networking. It felt so free to be able to know we were going to watch a established musical for free at our local theatre, and I feel very lucky to have spotted this competition, because otherwise I would not have thought to of come and so would of missed out on this amazing experience. 
The show is set in the summer of 1963, were two girls set out on their holidays to Lowestoft, where they meet an american army regiment. Quicky, one of the girls falls in love with one, Curtis, and this is the basis of the play.

The thing that really drawed me in was the set and costumes in this play, where you quickly forget that times have moved on and you start to really think your there in the 60's. 
The set was just incredible, and you could tell they spent a massive amount of the budget on the centre piece which was the barn.

The cast were fantastic in their roles and really brought lots of energy, both whilst acting and singing, and really fed of the audience when at times they were singing along to the music. It also felt like we could really feel for the characters because they were played by the actors respectfully. 
The music was really well chose, and even though there was some I didn't know of, I was supposed with the ones that I did, like Viva Las Vegas, Sweets for my Sweet and Please Mr Postman, amongst others.

The storyline was strong and simple, which made it very comfortable to watch without having to think a lot of what was going on, and was also very funny at certain parts which I really enjoyed.
One point which I really liked from the storylines was were the second act pucked up from exactly where act one left off, with everyone in their exact places where they were before. 
Overall, a fantastic show which I would highly recommend to anyone of any age as it wouldn't matter if they know the music as the storyline is very strong.


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