THEATRE REVIEW: The Hound of Baskervilles

The Hound of The Baskervilles

Everyman Studio Theatre

The Hound of The Baskervilles is a well known Sherlock Holmes book which was recently also adapted to the small screen with the TV series, and is as far the only Arthur Conan Doyle story that I have seen on stage, and it was a pretty good first experience of one. 
The story is told by 3 actors, who multirole throughout. This was done brilliantly and it was nice to see a woman take on the role of Sherlock, added a nice mix to the usual male casting in books, film and television. The three actors were brilliant in their roles and felt very believable at times, especially with Elise playing Sherlock.

The Studio theatre at the Everyman is a 60 seated theatre that is very flexible with the seating and can be placed in whatever style. 
I believe that this was the perfect space to have this production, because it really felt like at certain parts we were actually involved in the play, like when Henry Baskerville is telling the story of the hound and he walks in the audience, or when Sherlock tells Watson to sit down and so sits in the audience.

The story was well acted and paced through nicely, though the first act did drag on a little too much than I was hoping. 
The set was also really nice, and with minimalistic set it was all done really well.

The size of the studio also worked perfectly in this situation, as it felt at times you really felt a part of it, and as the actors are so close and at parts can be scary, the tension felt very real and the atmosphere was felt through the whole room. 
 Overall, a very good production that worked perfectly with the environment, minimal set and terrific cast.


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