MUSICAL REVIEW: Fiddler on the Roof ★★★

Fiddler on the Roof

Everyman Theatre

Fiddler on the Roof was a fantastic 2 & half hours of pure delight with an vary of songs to suit. The story was very understanding and flowed nicely, there was a lot of energy in all the cast and the chirography in the songs were slick, in sync and exciting to watch, and also the set was really nice, with a revolving Centre piece representing the town of Anatevka and the buildings surrounding it, which worked really well. 

I loved all the songs, especially 'Matchmaker', which focused on the three daughters talking about finding a man to suit them. The songs were all really well produced, with what I think was a brilliant idea for the production to have the actors also musicians at the sane time, so you could see all the music produced was raw on stage and there was no music or anything to enhance the quality of the music. 
Paul Michael Glaser portrayed a fantastic Tevye, really making the part his own, and I could not fault the performance from him in the slightest, or let that be said for the rest of the company, who were all on fine form and realistic in their characters. 

Overall, Fiddler on The Roof is a fantastic musical which has left me hooked on many of the songs and if the show comes round again, I will make sure I am there to see it again!


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