THEATRE REVIEW: Charley's Aunt ★★★

Charley's Aunt
The Everyman Theatre

Charley's Aunt is set in the style of Farse, where I have seen this style performed before with 'The Magistrate' at London, were I didn't really like the way they used the style, so it wasn't like I had low expectations for this show, it was just that I was worried about how they were going to use the style, but in the end I need not to of, because it was performed brilliantly. 

 The play is set in three acts, were act one is performed before an interval, were afterwards act two and three are played one after the other. The premise of the play is set around Charley and Jack, who are in love with Kitty and Amy, and invite them to lunch to reveal their love for them. This though can not be done without an aunt, in this case Charley's aunt, but when a telegram comes back from the woman herself saying that she is away, both Charley and Jack rope in their friend Fancourt, who dresses up as a lady and impersonates the aunt, much to his dislike. 

 The acting between the three lads was electric throughout, and the humour was constant throughout, especially the early stages of Fancourt's dismissal of personating Donna Lucia, Charley's Aunt.

The two ladies in the show also brought great full rounded characters that had a strong background, and with the simple change of a tie and glasses, the transition between multi- rolling characters was effective. 

The set was really nice and simple too, with a checkered floor panel and 10 old fashioned street lamps to create the backdrop, and this was also very effective, making you forget that you are just sitting in a theatre, rather than the grand house for this play is set. 

The reveal at the end that Ela was Donna Lucia all along was very well developed and brought across, and had added a really surprise to the show. 

Overall, a brilliant show performed by an effective company, balancing out all emotions throughout nicely and making it run smoothly - a must watch!


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