MUSICAL REVIEW: Billy Elliot ★★★★

Billy Elliot
Victoria Palace

Going on this trip for only £20, and organized by the college, Billy Elliot was just a fantastic show, that made shivers go down my spine throughout, some scenes with this including the letter from Mum for Billy's 18th, and the lead up to the song Electricity. 

Mitchell Tobin was a great Billy, and was surprised to find out afterwards that he came from Florida to play Billy, as that didn't seem to come through when I was watching.

I wasn't actually that familiar with the songs before going to watch the show, but now I have seen it I'm hocked on Electricity. 

The set was amazing, and the way Billy's house was brought up from below the stage to rise with a staircase leading to his bed and some table and chairs on the ground level was just so clever and really left the audience to the imagination of what the rest of the house may look like.

Overall, a fantastic show which I would love to see again some day!


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