Matilda The Musical
Cambridge Theatre, London
January 2013

Words literally cannot describe how unbelievably awesome Matilda was. I have never been to a show that has had me beaming right the way through and its the first time I have cried at a show, Hayley Canham is truly one of the best child actresses I have ever seen, and its definitely going to be hard for any musical show I see in the future to beat what I have seen at The Cambridge.  

The set was just unbelievably creative, having wooden blocks with letters on projecting right the way up, with us three trying to make out the word was not one particular scene I can pick out as my favourite because it was so fun and exciting and I was just in awe of everything. 

The music was FANTASTIC, it just made the show. Tim Minchin is just the best song writer around. Naughty had me in tears every time it come on reprising, and the school song was just the most incredible song created, where every line had each letter of the alphabet used, and as this was happening blocks were being pushed into a gate, with each letter each block. 

I could go on and on about how utterly brilliant Matilda is, I really want to see it again just to see the other girl actresses playing the lead. I also started off the standing ovation at the end, it was that good, I just absolutely loved it.

I will also admit that I had a tear in my eye when Naughty came on, just because Hayley's voice was so beautiful and clear and she put so much into the song, making her gestures slick and it was all timed perfectly. 

The soundtrack accompanying the musical is also a real joy to listen to whenever I have nothing on, and really takes you back to the stage, where you can easily imagine all the songs played out in front of you, like a flying swings in 'When I Grow Up' and Matilda being risen up from the stage in 'Quiet'. Though there are a few minors that just don't quite fit, like the 'Entr'acte' and 'I'm Here' being two that I skip over quite alot. 

Overall, just the best thing I will probably see for a very long time. 

Favourite Character - Matilda / Nigel. 

Favourite Song - Naughty / Revolting Children.


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