THEATRE REVIEW: Great Grimm Tales ★★★★

Great Grimm Tales
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Thursday 30th May - Saturday 1st June 2019

What's so beautiful about Box Tale Soup is their originality in puppetry which they describe every production that they do as a 'labour of love', something that definately rings true especially in their latest creation, Great Grimm Tales. In this production we have come across more animal like creatures than in any previous production, where the felines especially are designed so accurately, as well as a certain larger member of the Felidae family.

Directed by regular performer Noel Byrne who takes a backseat in this instance, the tale in which we are treated to is that of 'The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was', which centres around a young boy who gets sent away for three nights to find out, with of course a puppetry and musical spin in the mix, which is beautifully written from within the creative team, with added vocals provided by the cast.

Running just over the hour mark, the slickness between the tale and those who are retelling is met with such precision, whether that may be in a click or knock, and is also impeccably timed well with the mannerisms and accents which are easily differentiated between the segments. It gives the whole performance brilliant pacing with keeps your concentration throughout, and with Byrne a regular performer and member of the company since the beginning, it feels like with Grimm Tales everything from the previous productions have been heightened and done so well.

Overall, Great Grimm Tales surpasses every previous adaption that has been presented onto the stage from the company, from Seb Christophers (The Wind in the Willows) and newcomer Chloe Levis, who both bring energy and compassion to the stage, whilst Antonia Christophers continues to bring heart and warmth equally as she has done since the beginning of the company.


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